Reduce cart abandonment rate

80% is the average cart abandonment rate

Make more sales now, by recovering part of your shopping cart abandonment. BEYABLE implements on your site a suite of solutions to reduce cart abandonment rate in a simple and efficient way.

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How to reduce cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is not linked to a single reason. Multiple criteria are taken into account by visitors during their shopping journey and influence their purchase decision.

The BEYABLE solution helps you to put forward elements aiming at drastically reducing your cart abandonment. There are different ways to counter cart abandonment. We detail them below.

The email for abandoned cart recall

For any purchase on the Internet, an e-mail is necessary. It will be used to send an order confirmation to the customer, to inform him about the delivery follow-up or to send him the invoice. Internet users are aware of this and that's why it's a data they don't have any problem to transmit as soon as they have control over their data (subscription or not to the newsletter, promotional offers and partners).

BEYABLE's solution allows to make the link between the abandoned cart and the prospect's email. An "abandoned cart email" is then automatically sent to any person who has left your site without having finalized his purchase. It is possible to create a sequence of abandoned cart emails to increase your chances. It is then necessary to give a counterpart to the user (free shipping, discount coupon,...) to motivate him further.

Retargeting to reduce cart abandonment

Retargeting is the retargeting of visitors who have already interacted with your site. The BEYABLE solution allows you to display your products in a personalized way in advertising inserts on multiple websites. Thus, each visitor who abandoned his cart on your site and went to browse somewhere else receives reminders.

You appeal to his memory and stimulate him to finalize the purchase of your products. The great strength of our solution is that the display of advertising inserts can be done not in a generic way towards your home page but directly towards the product pages that the Internet user has previously consulted. You increase your chances of conversion. 

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