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BEYABLE offers an intuitive and extremely comprehensive platform with several modules to help you optimize your website and increase your sales.

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Website optimization with AB Test

Are you having trouble reducing your bounce rate or cart abandonment rate? The BEYABLE solution allows you to create different versions of your web pages and to analyze the results easily. You can optimize your website by playing around with different parameters: UX, content, labels, adding or removing elements, etc. and thus offer the optimal page to your users.

BEYABLE helps you to leave your feelings and tastes aside to take into account those of your audience in order to offer them a visit that will make your sales take off

Personalization of the visit, an essential site optimization

As in a store, visitors particularly appreciate a personalized visit. If you ask them for their date of birth when they register, they expect to receive a birthday email or a dedicated promotion on the day. They are not looking for generic information but for tailored advice that takes into account their tastes and research intentions.

The BEYABLE solution allows you to optimize your site by personalizing it from the home page to the visitors' profiles thanks to a system of cookies and a developed AI. 

Optimize your site with visitor engagement scoring

The BEYABLE solution analyzes the behavior of visitors on site (and outside by email) and positions them at different stages in the sales tunnel. You create a unique experience for each visitor and communicate the right message at the right time to make them progress naturally to the purchase act.

The scoring evolves in real time thanks to each action taken and prioritizes your leads via a dashboard. You can then address them personally or via automations. 

Often unexploited site optimization, product attractiveness monitoring

The BEYABLE solution brings dynamism and attractiveness to your website. Its display is constantly updated according to the visitors' tastes thanks to the product attractiveness monitoring. Too many sites offer a classic product display and do not take into account the success of products with visitors. BEYABLE will intelligently modify the display on your website. A product is popular with your visitors? It is moved to the top of the list to generate even more revenue.

With the BEYABLE Analytics solution, you immediately detect anomalies. A product is not selling? A page shows an excessive bounce rate? You have the keys in hand to react immediately and propose alternatives that will serve your growth. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with a BEYABLE expert to get a demonstration of our solution. You will discover each module in detail as well as case studies with inspiring figures!

What is website optimization?

Website optimization includes all the technical and marketing practices that aim to acquire traffic, increase visitor engagement and convert them into leads or customers. It is often associated with the term Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing and the AARRR framework which allows to move the visitor through the sales funnel so that he becomes a loyal customer and a prescriber. In the broadest sense of the term, site optimization is not limited to the study of the user experience but also concerns acquisition via natural referencing and technical performance optimization. 

How to optimize a website?

To optimize your website, there are many levers that can be classified by categories: 

Site optimization through visitor experience

Why optimize a website?

Is it necessary to optimize all the pages of a website? 

Why updating a website is an important optimization?

How to optimize a WordPress website?

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