A cookie is a piece of information placed on a visitor's hard drive, in the form of a file, by the server of the website visited by that visitor. It contains an identifier in the form of a character string, an expiration date and the domain name of the server that filed it.

Cookies allow BEYABLE to identify a visitor when they connect to a website and to collect information during browsing. This information is collected by ATTUNEO and processed on servers in Europe under strict security and confidentiality conditions. Using this information, BEYABLE provides clients with anonymous statistical data on the number of visitors to the websites measured, so that they may improve the quality of their products and services.

BEYABLE offers every visitor the possibility to block this collection of visit information on the websites of its customers. To do this, the visitor must add to the end of the url of the website for which they do not want BEYABLE cookies collected the following parameter: #beyable-optout=1 (for example

Please note: this option does not necessarily prevent cookies from updating, but does prevent them from being collected and signals to BEYABLE to stop contacting its servers. If the visitor cleans their cookies, deletes the exclusionary cookie, or changes their computer or browser, they will have to do this again.


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