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It will enable you to increase the visibility of products on your online store, by offering your customers a personalized shopping and browsing experience. By personalizing the user interface and highlighting products that correspond to their needs, you can increase your margins and sales!

Our E-Merchandising module is easy to use, optimized for conversion, and adapts to all websites.

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Marketing AI for your online store

With our Marketing AI, BEYABLE offers a unique shopping experience for every user of your marketplace or online store. As soon as the module is installed on your site, our tools help you to automatically and appropriately classify the products in your catalog according to your strategy and criteria: categories, price, margin, color, ...

Together, we can define the criteria that are most important to you and your visitors, before the Marketing AI takes care of optimizing the rest. No more manual sorting: you'll save precious time.

Thanks to our E-Merchandising module, you're just one click away from boosting your sales in the long term!

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Automate and optimize the organization of your product catalog 

Our AI allows you to highlight your top-selling products at each key stage of the customer journey. As a result, the sales and conversion rates of your E-Commerce store will be boosted.

By automating the organization of your product catalog, you can optimize the relevance of the products offered to your customers. Customers will have access to products likely to interest them at every stage of their online purchasing journey, improving their browsing experience.

In the end, customers will spend more time on your site and on your store's various product sheets, offering a tempting conversion potential...

Combine personalized product recommendations and E-Merchandising

Thanks to AI Marketing, BEYABLE enables real-time analysis of the behavior and navigation of each user of your website.

By cross-referencing this data with the products in your catalog, our solution automatically displays the products of greatest interest to the visitor, strategically placed throughout your site. You are completely free to choose the criteria taken into account to establish product rankings (product popularity, stock, margin rate, price, etc.), or put your trust in our Marketing Experts, dedicated to helping you achieve your conversion and user experience optimization objectives.

Our technology adapts to your needs. Our dedicated Experts are available all week long and can be reached by phone, e-mail, chat or video whenever you wish for a demonstration or short training session.

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"I didn't know BEYABLE before, but today I couldn't do without it. A real trusted partner that I have already recommended with pleasure to my counterparts !"

Franck Egloff

Digital Marketing Manager at France Pare-Brise

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By analyzing your product catalog data and visitor behavior, and using machine learning, our E-Merchandising module automatically calculates the most relevant products to recommend to your customers.

At the same time, our tools enable you to keep a precise overview of all stages of the process, from data collection to the final display on your website.

Test your ideas

When it comes to boosting the ROI of your marketplace or e-commerce site, you can't rely on hunches alone.

With BEYABLE, you can quickly and easily test several alternatives for the same campaign, to find the best strategy for improving your sales and ROI. Our module allows you to create as many strategies as you like, so you can quickly obtain concrete, quantified results to help you achieve your objective.

Our AI will even help you analyze the results obtained, and draw effective conclusions for adjusting your marketing strategy.

With BEYABLE's A/B Testing solutions, you can completely and easily reorganize any page on your website, and test several hypotheses before committing to in-house development. Your teams will save an incredible amount of time!

What's more, the layer of personalisation and the level of KPI analysis mean you'll get far more accurate results than any other solution on the market.

A/B Test on mobile
A/B Test on mobile with products recommendation

Offer the most relevant products to each visitor

Machine learning acts as an engine for proposing the most relevant products to your customers. For example, thanks to geolocation, you can easily find out from which geographical zone a user consults your site: so you can adapt the products put forward, to propose warm clothing in areas with a cold climate, and vice versa.

Our E-Merchandising module also offers the possibility of setting up personas, i.e. visitor profiles based on different criteria. To take the example of geolocation, you can create a segment for a specific geographical area, based on local trends, to easily offer products that are popular in that area.

Customers who benefit from a personalized user experience are loyal customers who are likely to buy more from your site... and better!

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