Beyable Analytics: the best analytics solution

Created for your websites, BEYABLE Analytics is the best 100% legal alternative to Google Analytics. This feature-rich tool is absolutely perfect for visitors' behavior and analyze how they interact with your site.

Available quickly and at a fair price, the BEYABLE Analytics solution offers many advantages:

✅CNIL-approved in 2021

✅RGPD Compliant

✅Provides ultra-refined and accurate data analysis capability

14 days free trial. No commitment and no credit card

Join over 200 brands that trust BEYABLE

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Regain control with BEYABLE Analytics

✅ 100% legal alternative to Google Analytics.

✅ Evaluated in 2021 by the CNIL

✅ RGPD Compliant

14 days free trial. No commitment and no credit card

Don't lose your visitors' trust

When it comes to personal data and its processing, it's your company's reputation at stake!

Choosing BEYABLE Analytics means choosing peace of mind when it comes to the confidentiality of the data collected from your users.

Our tool has been designed so that you don't need to ask for your visitors consent, while maintaining an excellent level of data protection. protection of their personal data. All in a safe, legal and easy-to-use way!

A reliable, legal solution

Whether you're a business owner or a marketing expert working for a web company, you're aware of the CNIL's guidelines on Google Analytics: even with the arrival of with the arrival of Google Analytics 4, data protection remains, according to the organization, too insufficient.

So, today, keeping track of your website's data is a complex task. Analysis are not 100% reliable, and sometimes infringe on users' privacy.

For all these reasons, BEYABLE Analytics is the ideal solution. All the data you need to analyze your traffic, in a way that's totally validated by France's top IT administrative authority.

Can BEYABLE Analytics be integrated into my website?

BEYABLE Analytics is compatible with all your CMS and TMS. Here are just a few examples:

Does your CMS or solution not appear? Don't hesitate to ask us for more information by booking a time slot with one of our experts now: it's fast, free and without obligation!

The benefits of BEYABLE Analytics

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No data limit

Collect all the data you need to best analyze your users' behavior over a long period of time

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Analytics experts at your disposal

Our team will guide you through the setup
to configure all the tools and functions of this platform.


Protect your data and your customers' privacy

Validated by the CNIL, this tool ensures the protection of your customers' data. You risk nothing!

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Don't worry about hosting

Everything is managed by us via cloud, so hosting is not a problem for you.

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100% ownership of your data

No risk of data leakage: they're totally yours

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Export your data in 1 click

Tables, reports, charts and graphs it's never been easier to analyze your website data

Simplify your daily life

Simple to use, BEYABLE Analytics lets you measure and analyze your audience 100% easily, with an excellent experience.

Thanks to a streamlined dashboard, you can track a wide range of essential data such as page views, sessions, unique visitors, real-time users, landing pages users, landing and departure pages and traffic sources.

BEYABLE Analytics for partners

BEYABLE ANALYTICS allows you to measure 100% of your audience in a very simple way.

Exempt from cookies consent

Because respecting your customers and their data shouldn't prevent you from from developing your business or your websites, BEYABLE Analytics lets you allows you to measure 100% of your traffic, without requiring cookie consent from your users.

This guarantees a better user experience, while complying with the latest CNIL regulations.

Like Quentin, you can trust BEYABLE!

"It feels good to have our visitors back 👌 Thanks BEYABLE.

Personally as an internet user I find these CMPs to be anti-UX: top/bottom of page/blocking navigation/slowing down loading/each site with a different system....

What the user gains in terms of potential information sharing he loses in navigation complexity and time lost 😔

If like me you are tired of spending 3s per visited site, you have extensions for your browser that will do the job for you 😉

In any case the session will be analyzed anonymously by BEYABLE Analytics 👍"
Quentin Lemonnier, CEO at Blinked

14 days free trial. No commitment and no credit card. Then from 9€/month.

BEYABLE Analytics and data processing

The data hosted (in the European Union) by the BEYABLE solution remains the property of our customers or the end-user. In compliance with European directives on the collection of information from your audience, BEYABLE undertakes to keep it strictly confidential.

Data is and will be processed solely for our customers and under their instructions, never on BEYABLE's own initiative and never for its own account.

Our story

At BEYABLE, throughout our history, we have always collected data for our customers.

With the new "Cookies and other tracers" directives from the CNIL in 2021, we have refined our technology to help our customers with a new data analysis tool, exempt from consent.

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