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Optimize navigation paths with product recommendations. Easily guide each visitor to the items most likely to interest them and boost your sales!

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Unique personalised recommendations

BEYABLE allows you to analyze in real time the behavior of each visitor on your site, and to understand immediately which products in your catalog are the most likely to interest him. Use the power of the BEYABLE algorithm and machine learning to automatically display the most relevant products at each stage of their journey on your site. Your visitors save time, and you boost your sales!

Trend-based recommendations

Highlight your bestsellers at key stages of the customer journey to get sales easily. You can also choose to recommend products that you have difficulty selling to quickly reduce your stock. On homepage, category page or shopping cart page, BEYABLE solutions allow you to introduce product recommendations on any area of your site.

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Upsell on mobile

Upsell & Cross-sell

Increase your average shopping cart by recommending to your customers additional products to those already added to the cart. You have total freedom on the criteria taken into account: brand, category, color... you decide!

You can also trigger recommendations to encourage your visitors to reach a minimum purchase amount to take advantage of free shipping or get a gift for example. This is a very effective strategy to quickly increase your sales!

"I didn't know BEYABLE before, but today I couldn't do without it. A real trusted partner that I have already recommended with pleasure to my counterparts !"

Franck Egloff

Digital Marketing Manager at France Pare-Brise


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Engage your users

(whether they are logged in or not) Get closer to your customers by responding to their intentions in an intelligent and personalized way.


Build customer loyalty

Make your site a strong and memorable experience with an incredible UX / CX.


Boost your sales

Cross-sell, upsell... Sell more, sell better! More personalized products = less returns, more satisfaction!

Fully customizable mobile site

Where to offer personalised products?

On the home page, in existing blocks (category page, product sheet...), or even outside the blocks (overlays, widgets, panel, in-page...). It's up to you! The BEYABLE algorithm helps you to analyze and personalise each step of the buying process to highlight the most interesting products for you and your visitors.

Good to know: you can even create new areas on the site, without IT intervention!

How does it work?

The installation is simple and ultra-powerful. Once the BEYABLE script is installed on your site, we allow you to have total freedom on the choice of location where to activate our personalisation modules.

You also have access to detailed reports to understand which locations allow maximum conversions and adapt your strategy in real time.
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No black box

By cross-referencing your product catalog data with the behavioral data of each visitor, and using machine learning, our module automatically calculates the most relevant products to recommend. You keep a precise vision on all the steps of the process, from data collection to the final display on your site.

Integration into your ecosystem

BEYABLE integrates easily with all the technological solutions you work with on a daily basis. Here are some non-exhaustive examples:

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