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Increase your sales thanks to visitor scoring and visitor tracking 

Many websites have problems with bounce rate and conversion rate because of a bad customer targeting (bad SEO/SEA strategy). BEYABLE offers an action tracking for each visitor. Our platform allows you to detect and categorize the profile of a visitor according to his buying maturity. This way, you can focus your marketing efforts on the hottest prospects and not waste your time with off-target visitors.

BEYABLE allows you to detect where each visitor is in his buying intention via a scoring system: simple discovery of the product, comparison with other solutions, willingness to order or recommend, etc. You have a real-time visitor engagement score. Each action performed by a visitor (page consultation, clicking on buttons, placing in the shopping cart, signing up for the newsletter, watching a video, etc.) modifies his score and makes him evolve in the purchase conversion tunnel.

This way, you can detect the right timing to address him in order to maximize your chances to increase your online sales.

Increase online sales through personalization  

Visitor engagement scoring is the first step to increase your online sales but BEYABLE doesn't stop there. The platform allows you to personalize the visitor experience to each individual user.

Marketing analysis over the past few years has proven that the more personalized your messages are, the more likely you are to convert. This is evidenced by cold mailing strategies that incorporate as many variables as possible and seek to personalize the message with images and videos through automation (using manual messages rather than layout to simulate an individual mailing).

BEYABLE's AI is based on the history and behavior of your users on the different pages they visit. Our tool allows you to personalize your messages, products, promotions and even the graphic interface to each of your visitors according to their preferences.

Thanks to BEYABLE, the personalization of your site can be done in different ways, via: widget, popin, page blocks, header bar. The choices are numerous and you can test them one by one through AB Testing in order to have tangible data on which to base your online sales.

Increasing sales through cross and upselling

To increase your online sales, you can use the power of cross and upselling. In concrete terms, if a customer is interested in an article, you can take advantage of this to link it to another article that can be used in a complementary way. You can also direct them to a higher range of products, which will give you an additional margin.

BEYABLE analyzes the onsite behavior of your visitors: the navigation on the different pages, the time spent on them, the clicks made to obtain more information. The tool thus highlights the most suitable solutions for your visitors and allows you to maximize your chances of increasing your online sales.

Fight cart abandonment to increase sales

A user who adds a product to his shopping cart is a user who is well advanced in his thinking
and his intention to buy. Unfortunately, for various reasons (price, shipping costs, length of the purchase tunnel, bad timing,...), 80% of users abandon their shopping cart without making
a purchase. There are several solutions to fight against shopping cart abandonment and thus massively increase your sales.

BEYABLE proposes for example the email reminder to your customers, the personalized pop up window or the retargeting to succeed in addressing them even when they are no longer visitors on the site.

How to increase your online product sales?  

In addition to all the means mentioned earlier in this page, there are many marketing techniques to aim at increasing online sales. These include:

The use of reinsurance elements 

The omnichannel strategy 

Multiply the acquisition channels 

Add a service to your product 

Take care of the technical part of your site 

Add joy to your offers

Offer something to your users 

What budget should I invest to increase my online sales? 

Increasing online sales does not necessarily require a significant investment. It often depends on few things such as the implementation of an abandoned cart strategy, the realization of AB Testing or simply a few changes in the order of products.

BEYABLE is a complete solution that offers a wide range of features to optimize your websites and increase your online sales. Different rates are offered to be within the reach of all sizes of companies.


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