Reduce cart abandonment rate

80% is the average cart abandonment rate.
Make more sales now, by recovering part of your shopping cart abandonment. BEYABLE implements on your site a suite of solutions to reduce cart abandonment rate in a simple and efficient way.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by 50%.

Reinsurance elements
Retention and recovery
Personalize the journey

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

There's no single reason for shopping cart abandonment. Multiple criteria are taken into account by visitors during their journey and influence their purchasing decision.

The BEYABLE solution helps you put forward elements aimed at drastically reducing your cart abandonment rate. There are various ways to counter cart abandonment. We detail them below.

Cart abandonment reminder e-mail

For all Internet purchases, an e-mail is necessary. It will be used to send an order confirmation to the customer, to inform him about the delivery follow-up or to send him the invoice. Internet users are well aware of this, which is why it's a piece of data they have no trouble passing on as long as they have control over their data (whether or not to subscribe to the newsletter, promotional offers and partners).

BEYABLE's solution makes it possible to make the link between the abandoned basket and the prospect's e-mail. An "abandoned basket e-mail" is then automatically sent to anyone who has left your site without finalizing their purchase. It's possible to create a sequence of abandoned cart e-mails to increase your chances. In this case, you'll need to give the customer something in return (free delivery, discount coupon, etc.) to further motivate them.

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Retargeting to reduce cart abandonment

Retargeting is the retargeting of visitors who have already interacted with your site. The BEYABLE solution enables you to display your products in personalized inserts on multiple websites.

As a result, every visitor who has abandoned their shopping cart on your site and gone elsewhere receives relevant reminders, appealing to their memory and stimulating them once again to finalize the purchase of your products or services. One of the great strengths of our solution is that inserts can be displayed not as a generic link to your home page, but directly to the product pages the visitor has previously consulted. This increases your chances of conversion.

The exit intent pop-up window to reduce cart abandonment

It has probably saved your life more than once, that little window when leaving a word processing or graphic design software that says, "Are you sure you want to leave without saving?" The same effect can be created on an e-commerce site. When the user starts to become inactive or is about to leave, a pop-up window appears to remind them that they have items in their cart.

This exit-intent pop-in creates a sense of urgency by reminding them that offers or price promotions apply only to the present moment. BEYABLE offers a product recommendation module. Thus, you can send messages to carry out cross-selling, upselling, and thus increase your average basket and your margins !

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