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A/B Testing : definition

A/B Testing, also known as "split testing," "comparison testing," "split-run testing," or "ABC Testing," is a marketing method used to evaluate the effectiveness of two different versions (usually A and B) of an element, such as a web page, user interface, email, or advertisement.

The goal of A/B Testing is to determine which version of the same element generates the best results in terms of performance, referring to various indicators such as :

- Conversion rate ;
- Time spent on a page ;
- Click-through rate ; E-commerce cart value ;

Our A/B Testing tool and experts will help you understand all the necessary KPIs to measure the performance of your variants, and assist you in implementing them !

What does A/B Testing consist of ?

During an A/B Test, two groups of users or two audiences are formed : for example, one group is exposed to version A of a web page (control group), while the other is exposed to version B of the same page (test group).

Users are chosen and assigned to their group randomly to minimize biases. Performance data is then collected and compared to determine which version had a significant impact.

Thus, web-based A/B Testing allows digital marketing experts to make informed decisions based on numerical data and implement optimization of their elements based on the results obtained.

This method can be used to test multiple aspects such as design, content, color of certain elements, CTAs, prices, or promotional offers.

The goal is to identify versions that produce the best performance among visitors, in order to improve the user experience, conversions, and business results of a website.

Why choose BEYABLE A/B Test ?

A solution ahead of its time
• Ultra-light script - No impact on performance,
no flickering effect
• Quick and delegated migration
• Customized support from our Experts
• Real-time dashboard - Interface available 24/7
• AI-driven personalization - For much more precise tests


A dedicated team of experts who accompany you

Turnkey migration - From Google Optimize to BEYABLE : we guarantee a hyper simple and fast onboarding, training, and installation.

Customized support according to your needs and resources - This support can be 100% delegated to BEYABLE, mixed, or you can be 100% autonomous.

A dedicated expert for your projects - We provide you with a single point of contact available every day, at any time, for ultra-personalized exchanges.


A tool to analyze your traffic in depth

Relevant and adaptive experimentation - We guarantee you precise and relevant results, obtained through the performance of the features deployed during your tests.

Fine user analysis - Our personalization is based on the visitor's intention and behavior, so that you can have full confidence during your tests !

Continuous support - Benefit from customized support throughout your project, for personalized and carefully crafted optimization of your tests..

What types of websites can do A/B Testing ?
Lead Generation websites
A/B testing can be used to test various parameters with the aim of optimizing UX and the visitor journey, and encouraging visitors to leave their contact details.
Media websites
Editorial A/B Testing is often used to test the success of different categories of content with their target audience and draw relevant conclusions supported by numerical evidence.
E-commerce websites
A/B Testing is commonly used in the E-Commerce field to enhance the effectiveness of a website or online sales application, aiming to increase conversions and thus revenue.

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