Personalization and product recommendation

Optimize your visitors' e-commerce journey with our personalized product recommendation engine. With this tool, easily guide each visitor to the items most likely to convert their browsing into a purchase. Boosting sales and
e-commerce revenue for your sites has never been easier.

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Unique personalized recommendations

BEYABLE analyzes each of your visitors' behavior in real-time. Our algorithms and analytical tools immediately understand which products are most relevant based on each user's profile, behavior, and intent. Using the collected information, our personalized product recommendation engine automatically suggests the products most likely to appeal to and convert your site visitors.

By improving the relevance of the offer and the user experience, visitors save time and are easier to convince. This helps to quickly boost your e-commerce site's conversion rate.

Recommendations based on trends

Highlighting the best-selling items of your site at key stages of the customer journey is a technique that boosts your E-commerce revenue. Personalized product recommendations also help quickly move inventory.

Incorporate product recommendations at the most strategic locations of your site with BEYABLE.

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Upsell & Cross-sell

Our software's features don't stop there: it's possible to increase the average E-commerce basket with product recommendations complementary to those already in users' carts on your site. This is a powerful marketing lever that delivers excellent results and a high conversion rate.

How to increase the average e-commerce basket ?
Many solutions exist, but free shipping is a highly appreciated feature by customers. In addition to personalized product recommendations, you can highlight on your pages a minimum amount for free shipping eligibility. This helps increase the average e-commerce basket by an average of +15%.

Many benefits
Engage your users
Whether they are logged in or not. Get as close to your customers as possible by responding to their purchase intentions in an intelligent and personalized manner, for stunning results.
Retain your customers
Make your website a strong and memorable experience through high-quality UX/CX, offering an incredible browsing experience to visitors.
Boost your revenue
Cross-sell , upsell... Sell more, sell better ! More personalized products = fewer returns for your company, and more satisfaction for your customers!

Where to offer personalized products?

From the homepage, within existing blocks (category page, product sheet...), or even outside blocks (overlays, widgets, panels, in-page...). It's up to you ! The BEYABLE algorithm has a feature that assists you in analyzing and personalizing each step of the purchase journey, to highlight the most interesting products for you and your visitors in the right places.

Good to know : it's possible to create new areas on the site, without IT intervention!

Ask an expert for personalized advice (30min)

How does it work ?

The setup is simple and incredibly powerful. Once the BEYABLE script is installed, you have complete freedom to place our product personalization modules anywhere on your site pages. You also have access to detailed reporting and analysis tools to understand which placements have the highest conversion potential, adjust your strategy in real-time, and analyze your sales and results.

No black box

By cross-referencing your product catalog data with the behavioral data of each user and using machine learning, our module generates a report that automatically calculates the most relevant products to recommend to visitors. Moreover, you maintain a precise view of all stages of the process, from collecting marketing data to the final display on your site.


Compatible with all your tools

BEYABLE is designed to work on all CMS and TMS platforms. You can also integrate our solutions with your analytics or advertising tools to automatically centralize all data concerning your site.


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