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Why did we create BEYABLE ?

  • Website visitors all behave differently.
    Why do we treat them all the same ? A customer and a prospect should never receive the same offers.

    While you want to foster loyalty with the former, you must maintain a communication link with the latter that is relevant and discreet enough to encourage them to stay and return to your site. This is why we created BEYABLE in the summer of 2014.

    Building on the success of the first phase, which enabled us to enter the top 20 globally for on-site automated marketing solutions, we began to tackle a much bigger challenge.

Our story

Rome wasn't built in a day... and BEYABLE neither ! Here's a summary of the key moments in our history.

  • 2014

    BEYABLE is born from technical innovation and Julien Dugaret's passion for web technologies.

  • 2016

    Clients embrace the solution. In the first year, the first French retailer signs on.

  • 2021

    Our BEYABLE Analytics solution takes part in the "Audience Measurement" evaluation by the CNIL and is certified compliant with CNIL guidelines.

  • 2024

    BEYABLE participates in Microsoft's "Generative AI Startup Challenge" program to further develop our innovative technology while being
    surrounded by top industry players.

Julien Dugaret


“Making on-site personalization accessible to everyone is our mission. Without any code and without wasting your team's time, our solutions integrate easily and quickly into your site, delivering fast and visible results for your revenue.”

A team of passionate experts

The BEYABLE team is made up of over forty people with a passion for digital, who put their varied skills to work to help you succeed.

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Our values

1. The best service at the best price

BEYABLE is a platform that can be consumed all-in-one or through independent solutions. Our competitively priced solutions fully meet all your on-site performance, conversion, and customer experience needs.

2. Solution Provider

Whatever your situation, our culture is to bring you a solution.

3. ROI obsession

All our solutions are designed to achieve your goals. Trust our experts to guide you.

4. Operational Excellence

At every stage, from installation to analysis, our Full SaaS platform and our experts set the bar high.

5. Customer proximity

We place paramount importance on support and proximity with each of our clients. It is the soul of our company.

6. Innovation

AI has been an integral part of our solutions since 2014. We continue to innovate daily to enhance your experience.
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