Increase the ROI of your paid acquisition. Buy media on profiles similar to those who visit your site carefully, to increase your chances of converting by targeting visitors who are more likely to be interested in your content.

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How does BEYABLE help you segment your traffic?

To help Traffic Managers to face this challenge, BEYABLE has developed the Visitor Engagement Score: a technology, based on AI, able to automatically and continuously score the traffic according to personas and their degree of engagement.


✅ To segment all the traffic of a website, including anonymous ones;

✅ To analyze all your acquisition campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo...);

✅ Create customized audience lists in just a few clicks;

✅ Share these audience lists with all your media;

✅ Personalize in real time the user experience on all your media.

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Marketing segmentation

Segmenting your traffic is the key to making your online advertising spend profitable. Why? Because all visitors to a site behave differently: not all of them (unfortunately) intend to buy your products immediately.

Segmentation allows us to draw our attention to those details that make a difference: friction points, purchase intent, browsing context, micro-moment. This focus allows you to understand what people are looking for on your site, it helps make the data actionable, thus improving the customer experience and thus improving the ROI of your advertising investments.

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BEYABLE provides you with 2 types of solutions

Automatically segment your traffic by positioning each of your users on one of the main steps of your purchasing process. The scores are built with you in order to take into account all the specificities of your business. They are then shared in real time with your webanalytics or acquisition tools.

Act on the site to complete your acquisition and increase conversions; act outside the site, directly in your media buying tools by taking advantage of BEYABLE to buy better (better ROAS).

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Immediate benefits

PROFITABILITY: By creating segments that represent the purchase intent of your visitors, it is then easier to make the right decisions to optimize your advertising investments.

TIME SAVING: The creation of segments is done without any technical knowledge. Once created these segments are automatically shared to your digital ecosystem such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads.

RELEVANCE: BEYABLE's AI helps you create personas specific to your site, your industry.

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Refine your analysis

Score the engagement of the visitors you managed to seduce and make your campaigns progress every day. Our engagement scores are automatically shared with the main traffic acquisition levers: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads or simply your CRM and PRM tools.

Leverage these scores and refine your analysis on the performance of your campaigns. Thanks to BEYABLE, you can analyze the behavior of your visitors to classify them according to their interest and thus focus on the prospects with the best chance of converting.

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Increase your turnover immediately
Convert more. Convert better. Improve your margins without additional effort or investments.
Increase the engagement of your web traffic
Our team of experts advises you to set up varied and effective campaigns on your site, quickly and easily.
Understanding better to take better action
Thanks to BEYABLE, you can now precisely analyze the journey of each visitor and adapt the content of the site in real time.

They chose BEYABLE

Great team, very responsive and full of suggestions. Our CSM is very well organized, and communication is fluid.
Marie Amalou
Head of Web & E-commerce
at A.P.C.
I didn't know BEYABLE before, but now I couldn't do without it. A truly trustworthy partner that I've already been happy to recommend to my counterparts!
Franck Egloff
Head of Digital Marketing
at France Pare-Brise
When you start out with a new service provider, you always expect profitability. BEYABLE succeeded in doing just that in the first few months, thanks to the highly effective launch of several personalization scenarios.
Jessica Lamberet
Head of Digital Marketing
at Tradition des Vosges

The history of our BEYABLE® methodology

Customizing your website is essential to increase your sales because it allows you to provide a user experience tailored to each visitor, which improves your conversion rate and your ranking in search engines.

In fact, by customizing your site, you can offer content and offers that match the preferences and needs of each user, based on their browsing history, previous searches, and demographic profile. This personalization can boost visitor engagement, increase time spent on your site, and reduce bounce rates.

This is why BEYABLE has implemented a simple and effective methodology that allows you to never be out of scenarios to set up on your site, to boost your conversions quickly and easily.

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We evolve with you at each stage of the life of your company

We have solutions adapted to each size of business, levels of support à la carte, and we also personalize our commercial offers! Our customers can also change their choice of support during the year, according to the evolution of their needs.

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Solutions for all your teams

E-merchandising Teams

E-Merchandising plays a central role in your commercial strategy. Increasing the turnover of your E-Commerce site through an efficient and relevant purchasing process becomes easy with BEYABLE.

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Lead Generation Teams

BEYABLE helps you to collect qualified leads efficiently, so that you can process them easily and automatically. Appointment setting, quote request... Our lead generation solutions are adapted to all types of websites.

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CRM teams

Take advantage of visitor engagement scoring to identify your customers as they navigate your site, track purchase journeys, measure the level of engagement of each visitor, and share this score directly to your CRM tool.

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Web Analysis & Data Teams

Finally, have access to more relevant KPIs. Use visitor engagement scores and personas directly in your web analytics tools to complete your reading on the performance of your acquisition campaigns.

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Operations & IT teams

Test new features before starting development. Take inspiration from our library of visuals and adapt them very easily to your needs. Test every option you come up with and iterate based on user feedback.

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