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A marketing AI for your

With our Marketing AI, BEYABLE offers a unique shopping journey for each user of your marketplace or online store. Once the module is installed on your site, our tools help you automatically and relevantly categorize the offerings in your inventory according to your strategy and criteria: categories, prices, margins, colors, etc.

Together, we can define the determining criteria for you and your users, before the Marketing AI takes care of optimizing the rest. No more need to manually sort items : you'll save valuable time.

With our E-Merchandising module, you're just a click away from sustainably boosting your sales !

Single-use promo codes

For many consumers, searching for promo codes has become a genuine reflex. As evidence, numerous sites have emerged in recent years solely to list these codes and facilitate their use. Consequently, a well-used promo code on your site can easily boost your sales.
But how can you ensure a promotion remains profitable ? Through personalization !

In fact, displaying the same promo code to 100% of your traffic is unnecessary and sometimes even detrimental to your revenue : some visitors didn't need it to make a purchase. This is where BEYABLE steps in to help you understand which visitors to show each offer to, and at what point in their journey on the site, to boost conversion rates and increase margins.

Additionally, each generated code is unique and valid only once. Promotions are no longer a hindrance but a strategic means to easily achieve your goals.

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Automate and optimize the organization of your catalog.

Our AI allows you to highlight your best-selling products at each key stage of the customer journey. The revenue and conversion rate of your e-commerce or retail site will be significantly boosted.

Automating the organization of your offerings ensures the optimization of the relevance of products proposed to the customer. The customer will have access to products likely to interest them at every stage of their online shopping journey.

Ultimately, the customer will spend more time on your site and on the various product pages of your store, offering an enticing potential for conversion.

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Combining personalized recommendations and

Thanks to Marketing AI, BEYABLE enables real-time analysis of each user's behavior and navigation on your website. By cross-referencing this data with the products in your catalog, our solution offers the possibility to automatically display the most interesting offer for the visitor, positioned at strategic locations on your site.

You have complete freedom to choose the criteria considered for ranking what you offer (product popularity, stock, profit margin, price, etc.), or you can trust our marketing experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your conversion and UX optimization goals.

Our technology adapts to your needs. Our dedicated experts are available all week and can be reached by phone, email, chat, or video call whenever you wish for a demonstration or a short training session.

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Test your ideas

To increase the ROI of your marketplace or e-commerce site, relying solely on intuition is not an option.

With BEYABLE, you can easily and quickly test multiple alternatives for the same campaign to find the best strategy to improve your sales and ROI. Our module allows the creation of as many strategies as you want, to quickly obtain concrete and measurable results to achieve your goal.

Our AI will even help you analyze the results and draw effective conclusions to adjust your marketing strategy. With the A/B Testing solutions offered by BEYABLE, you can completely and easily reorganize any page of your website and test several hypotheses before committing to internal development. Your teams will save a tremendous amount of time !

Additionally, the layer of personalization and the level of KPI analysis allow for much more precise results than any other solutions on the market.

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Offer the most relevant products to each visitor

Machine learning acts as an engine to offer the most relevant products to your visitors. For example, through geolocation, you can easily determine from which geographic area a user is browsing your site : this way, you can tailor the highlighted products, such as offering warm clothing in regions with a cold climate, and vice versa.

Our E-Merch module enables the creation of personas, that is, typical visitor profiles based on various criteria. To use the geolocation example again, you can create a segment for a specific geographic area and thus rely on local trends to easily offer popular products in that area.

Those who benefit from a personalized UX are loyal customers who are likely to buy more on your site… and buy better !

No black box

By cross-referencing your product catalog data with the behavioral data of each user and using machine learning, our module generates a report that automatically calculates the most relevant products to recommend to visitors. Moreover, you maintain a precise view of all stages of the process, from collecting marketing data to the final display on your site.

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