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Customer journey personalization allows you to generate more qualified leads from your existing traffic and thus control your acquisition costs.

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Generate leads through website personalization

In a physical store, your display window remains fixed. You have to make choices that won't appeal to everyone. With the BEYABLE solution, you have the ability to personalize your website starting from the homepage in order to meet the desires of every visitor. You reach the right person at the right time with the right content.

The AI developed by our solution is based on 1st party cookies, meaning we analyze the behavior of visitors on your site through their history, current navigation, and future intentions. This technology allows you to personalize your offer for each of your visitors.

Unlimited possibilities

The personalization options offered by BEYABLE are impressive. It is possible to display a personalized message for each individual based on the time of day, the type of device they are using, or the source from which they arrived. Each visit becomes truly unique and maximizes your chances of generating qualified leads.

Among the personalization possibilities, you can: modify your messages and sales pitches, the products and their order of presentation, as well as the promotions to display. Your site breaks free from constraints to become much more dynamic. Its personalization is made possible through various forms such as an overlay system or in-page. For more details, visit our dedicated page.

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Lead generation through visitor scoring

There are many technical solutions available today to qualify a visitor. The objective is to determine whether they are off-target, or conversely, if they represent a significant business opportunity and should be focused on, to convert them into a lead and then a customer.

To do this, heatmaps and recording are used to analyze the session of different visitors. Other statistics are also very important, such as the number of pages viewed and the time spent on them. BEYABLE Analytics provides access to numerous data points that will allow you to prioritize visitors based on their intentions in order to generate maximum leads.

A system based on visitor behavior

Your visitors will enter a scoring system, and based on their actions, we will seek to interact with them at a precise moment to convert them into leads. For example, if a visitor has viewed X pages or has been active on the site for X minutes without making a purchase or requesting a quote, we will push a pop-up with a discount or special offer to guide them through the conversion funnel.

The scoring system integrates perfectly with solutions like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or your email marketing and CRM systems. Thus, the scoring system is not only linked to the visits of your website visitors but also to all the interactions they undertake with you via the internet. For instance, if a visitor abandons their cart, we can re-engage them through notifications or emails.

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Generating qualified leads with A/B testing

BEYABLE solution offers the ability to create different versions of pages. You avoid relying solely on intuition by basing decisions on factual and statistical analysis.

For generating B2B leads, for example, you don't need lengthy forms. Generally, the shorter the form (just a name, a first name, an email, or a phone number are sufficient), the higher the chances of conversion. Through A/B testing, you can measure the effectiveness of choosing simplicity.

Moreover, with BEYABLE, you choose when to display forms based on the qualification of your prospects (cold, warm, hot) according to the scoring system. You have a virtual sales assistant that targets the opportune moment to deliver information and marketing messages to anyone who has interacted with your site.


They chose BEYABLE

Great team, very responsive and full of suggestions. Our CSM is very well organized, and communication is fluid.
Marie Amalou
Head of Web & E-commerce
at A.P.C.
I didn't know BEYABLE before, but now I couldn't do without it. A truly trustworthy partner that I've already been happy to recommend to my counterparts!
Franck Egloff
Head of Digital Marketing
at France Pare-Brise
When you start out with a new service provider, you always expect profitability. BEYABLE succeeded in doing just that in the first few months, thanks to the highly effective launch of several personalization scenarios.
Jessica Lamberet
Head of Digital Marketing
at Tradition des Vosges

How to generate leads

To generate leads, you need to encourage interaction so that visitors leave their contact information. The best option is to develop a content marketing strategy. For example, you can offer your target audience the opportunity to download a white paper, a checklist, a practical guide, or a case study from your website. It's a fair exchange; you provide them with a relevant resource for free, and in return, they agree to provide you with personal data to contact them.

Another possibility is to consider an appealing sales approach. You can offer a 30-minute call with a sales advisor, a free audit, a limited-time or limited-feature demonstration version of your solution, and more. All these options trigger the visitor's registration or form submission to become a lead. Again, you provide them with a service for free in exchange for data.

Generating leads is not just about creating a contact form. It requires establishing a real strategy with a conversion funnel. Each of your visitors is unique: automatically adapt the information visible on your site.

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What is a Lead ?

A lead is an English term that refers to a targeted prospect who is hoped to become a customer. They perform various actions on a website such as filling out a form, downloading a resource, or creating an account. Through these interactions, they can be identified.

The lead can then be enrolled in a conversion process aimed at transitioning them from a prospect to a customer status. To achieve this, various means can be implemented through what is called lead nurturing. The idea is to maintain recurrent contact with the lead to mature them and create within them the absolute need to become a customer.

What is a Lead Nurtering ?

For example, automated emails can be sent to the visitor to inform them of promotional offers, encouraging them to complete their journey and become a customer (discount coupon, free shipping). Additional services or benefits can also be presented (referral offer, loyalty program) or reassurance elements (customer testimonials or case studies).

Lead nurturing can be a very short process, concentrated over a few days, or much longer for significant investments. Some interaction and follow-up scenarios are planned over six months or even an entire year.

How to qualify Leads?

To qualify leads, the best way is to implement a scoring system. Each action taken by a visitor on your website is assigned a score. For example, every time a visitor views a page, they receive one point. If they download a resource such as a white paper, they receive three points. If they add a product to their cart, they receive five points. Points are assigned based on the significance of the action taken by the visitor. These points accumulate to give a score that will move them through different stages: awareness or discovery, interest, decision, and action. Once the visitor is converted into a lead, the goal is to turn them into a customer, retain them, and transform them into a promoter.

Through a scoring system, you can quickly see how much your visitors represent good business opportunities. The system allows you to focus first on hot leads that have reached maturity.

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How to convert leads into customers ?

In Growth Marketing, the AARRR framework is often mentioned. The goal is to attract traffic (visitors), engage them on the site (to convert them into leads), and finally make them purchase (to convert them into customers). For selling products and services via your website, lead generation is an extremely important step, but it shouldn't stop there.

To convert a lead into a customer, you need to guide them through the conversion funnel. The objective is to remove all the obstacles your prospect might be considering so that they are confident that purchasing your solution is the right choice for them.

For example, in the context of marketing a SaaS solution, visitors want to test it, access testimonials for reassurance, be guided in using the tool, and see that customer service is responsive. Therefore, you need to think about an onboarding system. You can, for instance, send them a series of emails presenting a free trial offer, tool documentation, a video demonstration, options for contacting your support team, etc. This way, you gradually eliminate their concerns until they make the purchase.

Can leads be bought and sold ?

It is possible to buy and sell personal data of internet users. For example, online comparison sites are often lack objectivity, collect personal data, and sell it to the highest bidders. Large e-commerce sites also typically offer to join their partner programs, where they can monetize the personal data of their buyers.

This type of transaction should be approached with extreme caution. The CNIL and other organizations responsible for personal data protection are very strict on this matter. Internet users must give their consent, often through a double opt-in process, to confirm they agree to the transfer of their data. It is therefore recommended to generate your own leads through your website rather than buying them, and to handle sales with the utmost care.

Additionally, when you buy contact information from email database sales sites, keep in mind that you are not the first to have this idea. You are thus acquiring low-quality addresses that have already been spammed.

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