Design personalised shopping experiences

By providing each visitor with a uniquely designed website using real-time on-site customization.

What is on-site personalisation?
Personalisation consists of addressing visitors in a personalised way. It can be done at different levels:
Website's UX
Personalisation can be found at different moments of the visitor's journey, and take different forms:
Above the page, for a widget or a popin for example.
In the page, on entire blocks or a header bar for example.
How does it work?
Behavior analysis
Visitor engagement scoring
Content adaptation
Data, Marketing, IT teams...
everyone is involved!
Social Proof
Highlighting customer reviews
Using stress marketing
Retaining interested visitors
Fighting against cart abandonment
Personalised promo codes
It can take various forms:
Sales animation
It can take various forms:
Retention: retain your visitors, especially those who cost you a lot to acquire 
Cart abandonment: retain abandoners in a smart and clever way 
Lead Generation: Personalisation does not only apply to e-commerce sites.

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Website personalisation as it should have always been
Exit popin with reinsurance
Headerbar with countdown
Products recommendation

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