For CRM teams

Enrich your customers' CRM profile

Identify and track your customers' journey. Take advantage of visitor engagement scoring to identify your customers as they browse your site, measure their engagement levels and share this score directly to your CRM tool.

Visitor Engagement Scoring

Score your visitors' engagement and automatically adapt your site to each of them to increase your conversions.

Personalize the landing pages of your CRM campaigns

Tailor the site to your customers by taking into account their order and visit history.

A more relevant message will not only capture the attention of Internet users but also improve your conversion rate.

Enrich your email sequences

Keep in touch with your engaged visitors even outside your site. Use the BEYABLE module to send an email recommending products or reminding them of an abandoned cart.

Refine the management of coupon

There is no need to display a promo code to all your visitors. A customer and a prospect should never receive the same offers.

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